Our business is based on lasting relationships and long-term value in the form of technology expertise.
Sample Clients
"We do a lot of CAD based designs and have very strict requirements set by the government and our clients. ClarityIT quickly learned and mastered the nuances of our setup and built bridges between departments that used to fight over resources. Not only are our computers running great, we collaborate better internally"
– John R., VP, London office
"ClarityIT helped grow and build our computer network to more than double its original size in a very short time period while on a shoestring budget. I know agencies with twice the IT budget and a whole lot of frustration over problems we don't have."
– Laura O., Executive Director, Employment Technology Project
"Our ClarityIT consultant translates technical jargon into plain English and makes our staff feel at ease around computers."
– Mick B., Owner, BT Executive Suites