Through our innovative use of leading technologies, we can significantly reduce the amount you spend on desktop, laptop, and general IT support.
ClarityIT services provide tremendous value at a fraction of the cost of Consultants or in-house dedicated staff.
We achieve this by maintaining the health of your IT devices, in an efficient manner, at a cost that is fixed and predictable

Proactive Service. We ensure your environment is stable first, then implement a maintenance and monitoring plan to make sure any issues are caught and addressed proactively.

Reduced Cost. In most cases our solution bundles can save the typical small to medium sized business as much as 50% of their annual IT maintenance or end-user device service budget.

Fixed Cost. Most of our solution bundles provide your organization with a fixed cost and a defined service level. Customers find that they pay less, and get better service than ever before.

Remote Management. Our innovative technologies allow us to manage most devices remotely. This means instant response to your issues and the elimination of travel logistics and costs – savings passed directly onto you.

The most recent of Gartner Groups study (completed in February 2008) confirms that managed devices (ones that receive proactive maintenance and support) cost significantly less to support over their lifetime. ClarityIT not only manages the devices but reduces the cost of management through innovative technologies like RemoteHelp.

Device Well Managed Annual Ownership Cost Savings Potential over non-Managed ClarityIT Managed Annual Ownership Cost Savings Potential over non-Managed
Desktop 42% 60%
Laptop 30% 50%