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Backing up your computer files is similar to getting car insurance. It’s something you don’t want to use but feel relieved to have when necessary. It’s important to keep your personal information, photos, work files, and other valuable data safe from things like hard drive crashes, accidental deletions, spills, theft, or malware.

At ClarityIT, we understand the potential risks and recommend the 321 backup strategy. It means having three copies of your data. Two copies should be stored locally, but on different devices. Additionally, you should have at least one copy stored off-site, meaning in a different location.

Whether you use a Mac or a PC, having an on-site backup is a convenient way to retrieve your data swiftly in case of any issues with your computer. If your laptop or desktop’s hard drive fails and you have an updated external hard drive, you can easily recover most of your data or use the external drive on another computer while yours is being repaired or replaced. By keeping your external hard drive regularly updated, the risk of data loss is minimal, as you may only lose the files that were not yet copied to the backup.

Our streamlined backup process keeps your data up to date, minimizing the risk of losing any files. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually backing up your files and the fear of losing important information. Let us handle your data protection, so you can focus on what matters most.

Ensure the continuity and resilience of your business with ClarityIT’s cloud-based backup service. We specialize in installing and optimizing robust security servers, such as Datto, to provide comprehensive Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions (BCDR). By safeguarding your critical data and systems, we ensure that your business can quickly recover from any unexpected incidents or disasters.

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